You have the content, but you need the right billing solutions? And of course you need traffic! You might need an extra hand assisting you with local regulations and laws? Need a local team to deal with your customer care? Or maybe you have the traffic, but you are still looking for the right local offer. We can help you with all these things.

Telefuture is one of the world leaders in the VAS industry. As a one-stop-shop for entertainment services we offer you everything from content fulfilment to billing solutions.


Our sister company Globway offers voice billing solutions (IVR), premium SMS billing solutions, mobile billing solutions (carrier billing) and internet billing solutions (ISP billing).


Telefuture has contracts with all major advertsing networks. This allows us to promote your services on networks that are specialized in certain markets or specific target groups. With more than 20 years of experience we can properly assess where and how to advertise to achieve the best conversions.

Content Fulfilment

Telefuture offers adult and mainstream content for phone services, websites and mobile offers, like recorded audio, live operators, interactive voice response, video, live webcams, software, video, pranks, games, ringtones and more. We can provide custom-made solutions bundled with high quality content into a white label system. We can also offer you a shorter time-to-market with our pre-approved services.


Telefuture assists in getting your services approved and keeping them in line with local regulations. We can also help you with audits, testing and monitoring.

Fool Service

Yes we are crazy! We can help you with any aspect of converting your content. We can help you with hosting, translations, content management, marketing, tracking, redundancy, and much much more. Sounds like we’re fools, but we aren’t! If you make money, we make money. So we offer full service in what we like to see as a partnership.

Are you a Publisher, Affiliate Network, CPA Network, Advertising Agency, Gateway Provider, or Marketing Agency? Do you want us to convert your traffic? Contact us today and become our partner!

Our billing goes through our preferred partner Globway. For more information please read:
Billing Solutions ] [ Partner Support ] [ Globway on the World Wide Web ]


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